One week with iPad mini as my main device

I have been using iPad mini for a week as my primary device teaching and running teacher workshops. I know others have written their views on the suitability of format for education and some such as Fraser Spiers have their doubts. On a personal level I think this will become my main device typing is fine after some initial glitches and of course you can always use a USB keyboard.

There have been some complaints about the screen but not having ever owned a retina device this screen looks wonderful to me. Certainly sharper than my iPad 2.

Teaching over AirPlay with the mini is wonderful. I know it sounds silly but the weight (or lack or it) makes a huge difference compared to my iPad 2.

I do need to sort out my case though. I did not want to fork out for an Apple Smart Cover and mistakenly went for a £5 TeckNet New iPad Mini Ultra Thin Folio Leather Case. Hmm not a good idea as the screen is partly obscured by the ill fitting case. Buy cheap – Buy Twice

I am now awaiting the delivery of my new Invision case.

So what do I think about schools using iPad mini? Yes for 1:1 schools where not too much typing is required. I reckon that this would work for a personal device.

For a shared device I am not so sure. Would the screen be too small?

- Posted from my iPad Mini