Excellent advice for those thinking of implementing 1:1 iPad programmes

I spotted this when reading my Zite App on my iPad and have done some firther research and thought it was worth sharing.  The article published in the Journal was written by a Florida superintendent who was the first in that state to lead a high school iPad 1:1 program, and an IT director who was very successful with his own 1:1 tablet initiative at Delmarva Christian School. The following points were crucial to success:


The senior leader must be a champion for technology and have sufficient knowledge to coordinate an internal and external technological vision.


Depending on the type of school and the financial health of the school, funds may come directly from the school, from the parents in the form of a yearly lease fee, or from a blended approach.


Is the wireless network robust?
Has the school purchased enough bandwidth?
Will students utilize school servers or the cloud for document storage?
Are your servers able to host support software for your program?


…it is imperative to consider inventory management, Internet filtering, insurance, student assent, and parental consent.

Philosophical Framework

It is our experience that schools must answer one important question: “Why are we doing this?”


…it is imperative that schools provide the tools and support necessary to alter pedagogy. Teaching and learning should happen differently with iPads.